January 23, 2006

knitting is knotty

this is a poster you can buy from lion brand yarns. it makes me wonder:
1. is this geared toward men or women? I’m guessing women, but a man could see it and think “dude, I could do that.”
2. is the size of those needles or the length of his project implying something? or perhaps those needles are over-compensating for something?
3. is this supposed to inspire me to knit? if so, where can I get that yarn and how about a pattern?
4. is he shirtless because he has nothing to wear and therefore is knitting himself a sweater?
5. does he participate in a stitch-and-bitch? or maybe attend boyz nite at knit new york? do the boyz there also not wear shirts?
knitting is sexy

I guess I just don’t get it.

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