November 28, 2005

monkee see, monkee do

heyheylast night I dreamed that peter tork of the monkees was my boyfriend. when I used to watch the monkees, he was my least favorite (he’s the second one from the left in the photo).

all 4 monkees (circa 1960s) were in my dream: mike nesmith was wearing his signature knit cap and I was admiring the workmanship. he explained that his fans were always knitting caps for him. mickey dolenz was running around chasing after a girl and singing to her, like he did in so many monkees episodes. and I told davy jones that he looked just like davy jones, then realized it was because he was, in fact, davy jones. he was shorter than I am and I asked him about being on the brady bunch, when marsha wanted him to play at her prom. he told me marsha was a beyotch.

several real-life events may have influenced the details of last night’s dream.

1. yesterday I told tracey I wanted her to teach me how to knit caps.
2. while watching ferris bueller’s day off yesterday on tv, I thought to myself “cameron reminds me of peter tork.” then last night I saw rent with lisa, who’s husband’s name is cameron.
3. friday night, my sister told me she met a guy shorter than she is.
4. saturday night, denise was drinking jones soda.
5. in real life, I am dating a monkey…a web monkey.
6. and oh yeah, I listened to my new monkees greatest hits cds this weekend.

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