November 16, 2005

on reading aloud

while reading mystic medusa’s sun signs and soul mating, periodically slapping the book and blurting out “no freaking way,” in awe of the book’s accuracy, I arrived at a section called motivating and manipulating a virgo. I thought I should share this information as it could be vital to the bf’s happiness. I am of course referring to the motivating part. one item in particular, was dead-on. anyway, here’s a re-enactment.

cath: can I read you something? it’ll make your life easier.
(by the way, #8 in the list was “never miss a virgo hint. they’re subtle but nonstop.”)

bf: sure (listens with rapt attention).

cath: ok. this is one of the tips in dealing with a virgo. (reads) never mispronounce words. (stops reading). ha! that’s funny because I totally remember teaching lynette how to say crayon and mercedes when we were in elementary school.

then a.d.d. took over for a bit and we talked about commonly mispronounced words, like jag-you-are. eventually I got back to the subject of how to deal with my virgoness.

cath: ok. (reads) never mispronounce words. virgos think it’s evidence of a…a…slaw…slow…(stops reading)…uhm…shit…what’s this word? (points to book)

bf: slovenly

(laughing ensues for several minutes)

cath (crying tears of laughter): ah, right. ok. anyway (reads) never mispronounce words. virgos think it’s evidence of a slovenly and possibly substandard mind.

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  • Jenni says:

    Dude, I’ve got to read that book! Or rather, Jeff has to read that book! 😉 He isn’t the best at dealing with my virgoness.

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