November 15, 2005


this past weekend I gave my sister the best hand-me-down yet. as with those of our childhood, I had outgrown it. for one thing, it was only 12 inches. plus, the speed seemed to have declined over the last few months, and I just wasn’t enjoying it as much as I did when I first got it. boy, when I first got it though, I used it all the time, everyday and for hours on end. I took it with me on trips, and sometimes even in to the office. but recently I got a new one–a 15-inch one. three more inches really makes a difference, let me tell you! when I opened the box, I gasped because it was just so stunning. it was a little embarrassing having it delivered to work and admit I use one (most people there don’t as far as I know), but I’m so happy with it. in fact, it’s right here with me, as I blog this.

most women today have one, and my sister was no exception. hers was black and it was quite large. I don’t know if she used it too much or what, but it wouldn’t even turn on anymore. she was going nuts not being able to use it, and I really didn’t need two of them, so that’s why I gave her my smaller one. I took it to her sunday and showed her the basics of how to use it, because she’s not used to the white ones. she’ll have so much fun discovering how much fun it can be. she already loves it so much, she wants to bring it with her everywhere she goes, and she’s thanked me three times in two days.

once you go mac, you don’t go back.

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