November 1, 2005

immunity idle idol gossip, or for realz?


the host
with the most
survivor’s jeff probst
has decided it’s time to vacate his post

if I may, I say nay nay!
but apparently, I have no say,
’tis true, jeff probst is soon going away,
to many a woman’s (and gay man’s) dismay.

that survivor girl, julie
over her he’s so drooly
but his travel itinerary has become so unruly
and he wants more time with the one he loves truly.

oh jeff, the way you place your hands on your hips,
as “the tribe has spoken” falls from your lips.
somehow, someway, we’ll all come to grips
when the new host arrives, please give him some tips.

mostly we all want to wish you the best
for the time that you hosted, we have been so blessed
you’re head and shoulders above the rest,
and might I add, you have a nice chest.

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