October 27, 2005

is it that time of the year again already?

I just read in whitney matheson’s pop candy column that the folks at people magazine are currently all hot and bothered over this year’s sexiest man alive. last year jude law won, and then look what he did! bad jude…spank, spank!

my pick for this year: jon stewart. hands down.

steve carell should be on the list. actually, wouldn’t it be funny if the 40 year-old virgin was the sexiest man alive? steven colbert should show up too somewhere in there. maybe f/x’s denis leary and of course julian macmahon (although he was already in there once). I’m sure the boys from lost will make an appearance again, and probably the new james blond…I mean, bond. oh, and kevin bacon because of his crazy hot sex scene in where the truth lies. for that matter, maybe his co-star colin firth will be there too. vince vaughn for sure, if for no other reason than his purported relationship with jennifer aniston. maybe jon leguizamo for his turn on e.r.? and joaquin phoenix for his role as the man in black?

I am in such a quandary* about this. I so much want to work for people magazine right now.

*I just used the word quandary for the first time ever.

roominate on this yourself