October 25, 2005

pasties are the new black

I had a chest x-ray yesterday, and just before it, the technician gave me these tiny stickers to cover my…er…my “protuberances of mammary glands upon which in the female the lactiferous ducts open and from which milk is drawn”–as merriam-webster would say. the stickers were tiny, with a BB-looking thing in the middle of each, like this:

pastie (see, I put 2 so it’s more authentic)pastie

I thought about asking for a little more protection, and perhaps a different style, like the ones janet jackson has. but I just let it go, and stood there and smiled…yes, for an x-ray. if there’s a camera, I smile at it.

when my rheumatologist showed me the films (which were normal…no, fabulous, by the way), she pointed out two white dots that looked like stars, right where the stickers had been. had I known she’d be looking for the dots, I would have grabbed some extras before posing, to draw the giant dipper or a funny message in dots across myself.

roominate on this yourself