October 21, 2005

moses supposes his toeses are roses

once upon a time, my feet looked like this:

nothing too spectacular, but not gross either.

now, because of psoriatic arthritis, my feet look more like the hobbit’s. it’s not pretty. but I did just save a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico.

here are 10 things that suck about having psoriatic (krissy calls it sorry-ass) arthritis
1. no additional income hookin’ because I can’t wear stilettos
2. no bootcamp
3. no foot massages because OW!
4. I’m tired
5. I’m irritable
6. heinous-looking feet
7. no alcohol because mixed with the medication, I could die or something
8. no footsie
9. no pirouettes in my ballet shoes
10. missing my 1/2 marathon and tiffany finisher’s necklace

10 things that don’t suck about having psoriatic arthritis
1. whining
2. wimpering
3. moaning
4. saving money on pedicures
5. getting waited on
6. getting dropped off at the front door
7. get to walk around in my socks at work
8. don’t have to take out the garbage or recycling
9. people give up their chairs for me
10. can say “my balls hurt”

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