October 16, 2005

Happiest Race on Earth

OK. This psoriatic arthritis BS has got to get better so I can do “The Happiest Race on Earth.” A half-marathon that goes through Disneyland. How cool is that? Since I’ve had to bail from the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon (sob!) next weekend, this is just the thing to motivate me to get back on my feet. It’s nearly a year away, and if I still can’t run by them, I’m going to find someone to give me a foot transplant, dammit!

Zippity doo da! Who’s with me?

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  • […] <tangent> I first heard about Dean Karnazes when he was a guest on The Late Show. His passion for running fascinated me and I went out and bought his book the next day. When I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis (PA), I had to stop running, and that depressed me, so I never finished the book. Lately the PA isn’t bothering me so much, and I’m registered to run my first 1/2 marathon, barring any future ingrown toenails. </tangent> […]

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