October 11, 2005

10 words and phrases

here are a list of words and phrases that I like to use:

bee X bee – be square (ex: “be there or bee X bee”). borrowed from ken karn.

box of hair – used to describe someone stupid. borrowed from beth. (pile of rope and box of rocks also convey similar sentiments).

chabow – effed up. borrowed from krissy.

emmer effer – mother f#$%er

jahunga – super large (ex: “my ass looks jahunga in this outfit”). my sister and I made this one up.

skank whore – when skank isn’t descriptive enough, and whore doesn’t quite cover it, I use both words together.

smarmy – used to describe a gross, slimy guy who usually has a mustache and drives a corvette.

blessed screaming jesus on a whole wheat goddamn cracker – irreverent, yes, but a shockingly colorful way to say “holy sh%t”. borrowed from rescue me.

thrillogy – the retirement community where my parents live. it’s actually called trilogy, but it’s so off-the-hook exciting, I refer to it as thrillogy.

waste of skin – used to describe a useless person.

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  • Jenni says:

    And when even “skank whore” doesn’t cover it, you can always use my personal favorite, “crack whore with no soul.”

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