September 27, 2005

take me out to the ballgame

I went to the a’s game last night with matte and my sister. the a’s played the angels. can you see the black sparkly horns attached to my hat? get it? no, it doesn’t imply horniness, I’m rooting against the angels, so I am a devil. not satanic, just clever.

this is me with matte. isn’t he cute? hands off, he’s mine. don’t make me kick you with my psoriatic arthritic feet. matte is wearing a sweatshirt usually reserved for the packers (he’s a cheesehead), but it doubles nicely as an a’s sweatshirt, dontchya think?

this is me with my sister. we’re pretending to be all devilish and scary and not los angeles angelsish. my sister makes a funny sign to hold up nearly every time she goes to a game. the first time I went to a game with her, she got on the giant screen, holding up her “throw ’em harden fast” sign. the anti-LA angels sign at the last game we went to that said “spank the monkey” didn’t. but last night, the camera dudes dug her “no-angels” sign attached to a pitchfork, and the horns atop her hat. they invited her to come out to the aisle and be onscreen with a dude that was dancing all crazy. so while he danced, she made evil faces and devil fingers, while matte took pictures of the jumbo screen while she was on it.

the a’s lost. they seem to lose when I go to a game. is it me?

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  • Christi says:

    At last I get to see a photo of Matte! It is odd, but he looks exactly like I pictured. I am glad that you are so happy. I have been meaning to write you forever….but trying to squeeze real life into the oh so short nap breaks has been tough. Call me!!

  • matte says:

    hmmm. am I that predictable? 🙂

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