September 15, 2005


You know how when you’re looking for something, and you finally find it…in the last place you looked? well, of course that’s where it was…a person doesn’t keep looking for something once they find it. That’s just silly.

And you know how when you spend so much time looking for one certain thing, like a missing puzzle piece, the left shoe, or a CD that’s missing from its case? You know it’s around, but just can’t find it. You look and look, eventually giving up and moving on to something else, and you push that thing you once so fiercely sought after to the back of your mind for awhile.

But the best is when whatever it is you once spent so much time searching for just appears one day, out-of-the-blue. That’s when you say “aha, there you are.” You tell people you found it in the last place you would have thought to look and you make sure you keep it safe and close, never to search again.

roominate on this yourself