August 14, 2005

not body by jake

my foot injury means I can’t do extreme bootcamp this week, but really, I get plenty of exercise every day. here are some alternate workouts you can try too. most of these you can do from your couch.

cardio: (4 times per week)
jumping to conclusions
jogging yout memory
hopping to it
running a tab
dancing around the issue
walking on eggshells
chasing rainbows

flexibility, balance, and agility: (2 days per week)
turning on a dime
stretching the dollar
bending over backwards
reaching for the stars
catching some z’s
getting bent out of shape

strength training: (2 days per week)
lifting someone’s spirits
pushing your luck
raising the bar
taking a load off
hitting the sack
throwing caution to the wind
climbing the walls
making a mountain out of a molehill
pulling strings

roominate on this yourself