August 16, 2005

10 things…(updated)

on my birthday wish list

tom luce singing “happy birthday” into my voicemail

palm tungsten E2, or T5, or C (hey, it’s called a wish list)

books to improve my useless knowledge, like this condensed knowledge and this why do men have nipples?

daily show page-a-day calendar for 2006

goodies to pimp my iPod, like this case from incase or this arm band or a bose sound dock

1GB SD card

iPod shuffle

August 13, 2005

you may not agree

awhile back, I was talking to a couple of theatre actors (straight ones) backstage. we were discussing people we thought were hot, but would be embarrassed to admit. one of them said Rue McClanahan.

here’s my list of top 10 “unconventional hotties”

david letterman
james gandolfini
billy bob thornton
stephen colbert
jeremy piven
jimmy fallon
norbert leo butz
denis leary
christopher meloni
kevin spacey

July 12, 2005

10 things that I take for granted

1. a hot shower
2. a good job
3. health
4. nature
5. oxygen
6. bottled water
7. a roof over my head
8. central air/heat
9. words
10. music

July 5, 2005

ten things that scare me

I saw a blog recently that listed ten various things (things I like, things I hate, you know the drill). I’m not sure how long my a.d.d. will allow me to stick with this thread but here’s my first go at it:

ten things that scare me
1. firecrackers
2. very tall men with mustaches
3. ferris wheels
4. spiders on me
5. clowns
6. tequila
7. dentures
8. eternity of singlehood
9. dead animals mounted on the wall
10. ventriloquists & their dummies

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