March 1, 2010

Diptych #8 – Adorable

Because we’re done with the rainbow, Saj and I had to think of a new subject for our weekly diptych. Now we’ll be photographing our own interpretation of words. This week I chose the word adorable because when I went to my phone to text Saj about the new diptych theme, I noticed in our text conversation on my iPhone that the last word she texted me was adorable (in reference to a photo I sent her of Penny).

As you can see, she and I are on the same wavelength again – Matte’s birthday.

Here is Saj’s adorable photo:
60/365 Adorable birthday wishes

Matte and I got some cool new lighting equipment so Matte consulted Strobist to find out how I could best set up this shot of someone I find most adorable:
60/365 - Happy Birthday, Matte!

Next week it’s Saj’s turn to pick the word. Stay tuned!