February 14, 2009

Grace in Small Things Part 20 of 365

  1. Tonight I made my first filet mignons on our grill. They were a little on the rarer side, but the grill marks were perfect. I should have taken a picture, they were that beautiful.
  2. Today we tried out three different shades of paint for our bedroom and we have a winnah! It’s Medieval Forest by Behr. It looks much better on the wall than online, so I’m not going to link to it here. Tomorrow we’ll be painting all day, and we might set up the Web cam so you all can see us in action! Because wouldn’t it be exciting to watch two people paint?
  3. Daphne and Desmond received some homemade catnip toys from my mother-in-law. (Thanks, MIL!) Both kittehs went bonkers, rolling around and grabbing the toys with all four of their feet. When we picked up the toys afterward, they were drenched in cat slobber, Desmond’s more than Daphne’s. She’s a lady, you know, and ladies don’t drool, even when catnip is involved.
  4. I taught Matte how to prep and cook asparagus. This is kind of huge, people. It turned out perfectly too – nice and crisp and just how I like it.
  5. Most importantly and not so small, I learned that my dad is OK after a medical scare on a cruise to Mexico. He was in severe abdominal pain during his trip, and, well…puking (sorry there’s no nice way to put that). Having been through surgery for colon cancer twice, this is cause for alarm. He went to see Bernie Kopell the ship’s doctor who said he’d need to go to the hospital for more specialized care once they docked in Puerto Vallarta. The doctors in Mexico took excellent care of him and he didn’t have to stay overnight, thus (literally) missing the boat. He and my mom got to enjoy the rest of their trip, with the added bonus of learning some lovely Spanish words like barf, fart, and poop. Fantástico!