February 10, 2009

One little cookie won’t hurt, right?

Here’s the deal. I had a food emergency. I was hungry starving. I didn’t have my usual veggies or fruits to nibble on, so I figured I’d just have a cookie. Only one. But it was this one:

Do you think it’ll do any damage at my weigh-in? I hope not!

*I didn’t take this photo, nor did I make the cookie. See more about it here.

Grace in Small Things Part 16 of 365

1. My company is cutting costs which will have an impact on my paycheck. This may seem like Not a Good Thing, but if it helps keep my job, sign me up.
2. getting chosen for the KFOG Listener Panel and leaving with free music (3 CDs!) as a thank you
3. leftovers for lunch
4. BART. No way am I driving 2 hours in traffic to get to the City
5. scratching another photo off the Flat Stanley list. Thanks, Big Rick Stuart!