March 19, 2008

Quiz! With prizes this time!

Back when I worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers, an issue of our company newsletter included a game like the one below. We were to submit our best guess for what 26 companies made up the alphabet (all of them were our clients). The person with the most correct guesses would win a case of Opus One. I did not win.

I was thinking about that puzzle today and decided to do one of my own and have you all play. The alphabet below is made up of letters from popular web sites or high tech companies. There are a few that are tricky, a couple that are obvious and one or two that I’m guessing no one will know. Just to make for fair play, I’m closing comments on this one and accepting answers by email only. Send your best guesses to catheroo (AT) gmail dot com. I’ll accept submissions until April 1 when I announce the winner. I’ll also give linky love to everyone who played.

If no one guesses all 26 companies, I’ll give the prize to the person with the most correct answers. What’s the prize, you say? Uhm. Not a case of Opus One. But how about a $25 gift certificate to Amazon?

Have fun and good luck!

Logo alphabet

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