March 9, 2008


I hate springing ahead. And I think that the Monday following Spring Ahead should be a national holiday. I get so out of whack when I lose just one hour. Also, last night I slept fitfully on the couch cushion in the office to make sure Desmond didn’t chew through every electrical cord we have. He seems to think that my PowerBook cable is string and he wants to bite it. Of course it is much more interesting than the numerous mice, feather toys, balls, and kitty tunnel we got for him. His favorite game is Chase My Own Tail While I am in the Litter Box and Then Lie Down in My Litter Box for a Nap.

Anyway. I could have slept comfortably in my own bed because as far as I could tell, Desmond didn’t move from his sleeping spot on the chair all night. He was asleep by 11 and when I woke up at 6:30 7:30 am, he was staring at me, as if patiently waiting for me to stir. As soon as I said his name, he was climbing on me, with his motor going at full speed.

Yesterday, Desmond and Daphne had a nice conversation made up of growls and hisses. Desmond arched his back and puffed up and rumbled under his breath and Daphne answered with a couple of hisses. Then they both made like meatloaves and stared at each other for about 10 minutes until each of them yawned, bored with the showdown.

I am so sleepy right now I could go to bed and not wake up until tomorrow when I have to go to work. But do I really have to go to work? Tomorrow sure would make a good duvet day, but unfortunately I have too much work to do.