November 25, 2007


When I joined Team in Training I knew I was committing myself to hours and miles of running, and fund raising thousands of dollars. I figured I’d have no problem raising the money, but what I didn’t bank on was how much money it would cost me to be appropriately attired and accessorized for my new hobby.

Here’s what I have purchased so far:
Dri-fit tops (two long-sleeved, two short) – $70
Warm-up jacket – $20 at TJ Maxx
Running socks – $10 for 3 pairs
New running shoes – $110
Garmin GPS training watch – $179 rather than $375 (thank god for Costco)
Fuel belt – $45
Gloves – $4
Ear warmers – $10
Dri-fit running underwear. (Yes, I bought running underwear) – $16 for one pair
Sports bra – $33
Jelly Belly Sports Beans – $1 each bag

I never thought I’d be running with jelly beans in my pocket, but they really do give me a boost of energy when I start lagging. Plus, they’re CANDY!

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