November 14, 2007


Sucks. I hate it.

Why must I deal with someone in India to stop my MajorSuckage Word from crashing EVERY SINGLE TIME I START IT? (And by the way, NO, I do NOT want to start in Safe Mode, thankyouverymuch! I want it to work like it did just the other day! Is it that time of the month, MS Word? Why do you have to be a dick?)

We have two perfectly good IT guys on campus. Why can’t one of them take care of it? They’re RIGHT HERE!

The overseas guys get SO irritated when they call me at 6:30 am to resolve my issue and I am not at my desk. Seriously, they SCOLD me if I do not answer the phone. I get messages like “Hi, I’m trying to help you with your issue, but I cannot seem to reach you. I have tried your office phone and your cell phone, but you do not answer my call. Please be available so I can help you because if you are not going to answer my calls, I cannot troubleshoot this for you.” Uhm. How about calling after I wake the hell up at least? Or maybe during business hours, dude? Like the 8 to 5 kind? Maybe you want to check this site to see just what time it is here when you call me.

Just a suggestion.