November 12, 2007


I regularly salivate over the display of Safeway Signature soups, so on a recent trip, I stocked up. How can you pass up something called Fajita Chicken Toasted Corn Chowder? My taste buds did a little happy cheer with pompoms and split kicks when I tasted it. Oh, and the Rosemary Chicken and White Bean? I can eat the entire tub in one sitting. I’ve never met a Safeway Signature Soup I didn’t like, so when I saw one called Smokey Cheddar Ale Soup, I thought, “I like cheese! I like beer!” and it was all I could do to keep from drooling all over the sneeze guard.

But you know what? I tried it tonight, and it’s basically melted cheese. A bowl of melted cheese that I guess has some beer in it, but I couldn’t detect any beer in the bowl, just that in my bottle of Sam Adams Light.

So, is cheese soup really something you just eat? Like regular soup? Or do people buy that soup to pour it over macaroni? Or as a dip for tortilla chips? I’m so not understanding the appeal of cheese soup. I considered making a sandwich to go with it, as I love the tomato soup/grilled cheese combo, but what? Using that logic, would I make a tomato sandwich to go with the cheese soup? A tomato sandwich does not sound appetizing to me though, unless it has some bacon and lettuce on it. I guess a crock of cheddar cheese soup would be great for people going low-carb, but who can eat soup without a nice crunchy sourdough roll, or some crackers? I can’t.

So, does anyone have a good use for 2 cups of liquid cheese?