November 6, 2007

It’s 10:55 pm

And I realized I didn’t post yet today. Dagnabit, NaBloPoMoFo.

I can only muster the brain power for a bulleted list:

  • I didn’t vote today. Don’t yell at me. San Jose had no elections on this, the first Tuesday of November.
  • I did my second workout with Team in Training tonight and holy jeebus, it was hard work. The running, the planks, the pushups. And then there was pizza and beer, which I passed on because I had stuff to do at home. Sure, I miss the fun part!
  • There are too many people on Silicon Valley freeways. Hey! Another reason I’m not having kids.
  • A guy at work was jotting down tasks on my whiteboard. I thought they were notes for him. The first one was a little over the top, and was followed by “(HA)” like that, as if it were in jest. But it was not a joke, and it was a task meant for me, and I am to work with Ha on this task. Note: Must learn the names of my new coworkers.
  • For some reason I am seriously thinking that Stephen Colbert is HOT. Not geeky-hot. Just HOT.
  • You should read Into the Wild. It might make you want to go to Alaska. But you’ll want to stay in hotels and resorts and shit. Oh, and you’ll want GPS.
  • You should not read Divisadero. But if you are a glutton for punishment and feel like reading incomprehensible cacka, I will send you my copy.
  • I just noticed my socks don’t match. I’m wearing one Nordstrom Running sock, and one Nordstrom Walking sock. No wonder my workout was so hard.