July 21, 2007

Could you keep it down? I’m trying to read.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Yes, I joined the throngs of fans and went to a midnight release. Rachel, Matte and I decided to do this at around 9:30 tonight. We went to Books, Inc. in Mountain View because I heard they were selling books to those who had not preordered. We arrived and waited in the line of people who spontaneously decided to get our copies tonight. The pre-paid people received their numbered tickets, and we heard them hand out tickets beyond number 200. We thought we’d be sitting outside for hours, waiting for the numbered folks to get their books before we got ours. But just our luck, when 12:01 struck, they let the last-minute sallys in to pay for their books, and GAVE us our books.

We were out of the store by 12:10. While the planners and pre-payers waited for their number to be called. Sweet! And 20% of the FULL priced-book went to Mountain View schools. Bonus!

********UPDATE 11:00 pm********

I finished the book. All 759 pages of it. I won’t mention anything here, just that I refused to put it down (except for the 5 hour stint helping a friend move today.). Who moves on the day the final Harry Potter book comes out anyway?