January 5, 2007

A favor

To my loyal readers and new visitors,

You can read my long and rambling post below, or take a shortcut here and offer any help you can.

Lynette is my oldest friend. That is to say, I have known her longer than any other friend I have (she’s younger than I am, really). We met in the summer between 5th and 6th grade and we were practically inseparable throughout junior high and high school. Her mom drove us to toilet paper the house of a cute boy. We took French class together with Madame Schaag “Allez, ne discute pas tout le temps!”. We swindled Mr. Lees into letting us retake our flunked algebra tests. We worked together at Marshalls, flirting with every newly hired boy who came through the automated doors. The same weekend we graduated from high school, we jetted off to Waikiki for a week of tropical fun (the drinking age was just 18 then). Sun Country Wine Coolers, Mai Tais, and Blue Hawaiis sustained us on that trip. We never puked, and we weren’t hungover until 2 days after we got back to California. Ahh, those were the days.



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