December 12, 2006

Someone left the cake out in the rain

…and 15 or so brave boot campers showed up this morning to have a bite of it.

One of the more pleasant things about working out at 6 am is that I sometimes get to experience a beautiful sunrise. Today, there was none. Instead, we were pummeled greeted by rain. I am wet through my three layers. My gloves are drenched. When I placed my elbows on my mat to assume the plank position, I heard the squelchy sound of water oozing through the foamy pores of the cushiony mat. The water soon seeped through my sweatshirt, to the long-sleeved t-shirt and further to my skin. So I moved from elbows to hands. A bit more intense, but I thought the gloves would offer some dry protection. No. The fleece. It absorbs water too. So much for that idea.

Luckily my baseball cap provided some shelter for my face, so I could still see what I was supposed to be doing. (Upon arriving home, I removed said cap to reveal a lovely hairdo, similar to a mullet.) When we got ready to leave camp, I picked up my heavy mat, wringing out the man-sized sponge, and waded back to the car. I can hardly wait to get back into the car in my nice, warm, clean work clothes only to sit in the moist (Ali hates that word) driver’s seat.

Dammit, boot camp is fun!*

*No, seriously. It is fun. I love it.**

**I’m not kidding. I do. I love it.***

***No, REALLY!

And do you all like the new, festive look Matte gave my blog?