December 8, 2006

I’m still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I have only one more week of boot camp, and then a long break until the next session begins in late January. I don’t like such a long break, so I might have to join another boot camp group for the few weeks we’re off. I don’t want to erase everything I am doing now. Besides, I’m kind of addicted to it. I even miss it on the weekends. I am one sick individual, yes.

My hamstring is much better after days of sitting on bags of frozen peas and taking it (relatively) easy. Earlier this week, we broke into teams, based on athletic ability. We did what they call Indian relays, where runners are in a single file line, and the person in the back runs to the front of the line, jogs a few strides, and then the runner in the back goes to the front, and so on. (It seemed only fair to keep the hobblers together.) Team Gimp consisted of Shin Splint, Tweaked Back, Bad Knee, and Pulled Hamstring. But we’re all well now. Today I even ran around the grassy knoll twice. That’s TWO times! Running! OMG, y’all! And one of the trainers complimented me on my push-ups today. I was once taught to try and touch my nose to the floor when doing a push-up, so I drop pretty low. So what if I do them on my knees? I got a gold star for my form, so there.

But the best thing about this boot camp? They do Happy Hour. It’s not officially sanctioned by the boot camp organizers (oh, and it’s not at 6 a.m. of course), but if we get big enough beers, we could count hammer curls. That’s my kind of exercise!