October 19, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday: The bitch is back

Finally, I’m back in the SPF groove. I think I’ve been on low brain power for the last couple of months and just couldn’t get the creative juices flowing. And then I was in lala land and giddy after our engagement. But this week’s was easy, a perfect segue into my favorite photo assignment. Speaking of segue (segway), did I tell y’all I got to ride one? At Epcot. Matte and I got a 10-minute “lesson” and then had about 30 seconds each on a Segway. It was super fun, but too short a ride.

But I digress. (What else is new?)

This week’s assignment from Kristine was:
1. The kitchen sink
2. Something you need to fix.
3. Something you’re going to throw away right after you take the picture of it.

Kitchen sink. I have one of those! And it’s something concrete that I don’t have to think about with my tired little brain. Here it is:
Kitchen sink

Something I need to fix is this desk. Actually it’s a table. Which is why it’s such a mess. There are no drawers in which to file hide my papers and things. I completely blame the furniture, and am powerless to it’s lack of functionality.
Needs an extreme desk makeover

Something I’m going to throw away right after I take the picture of it. OK, actually, threw it away before I took the picture, then immediately remembered SPF, grabbed it out of the trash, and captured it. I can’t believe I have Philly nearly one month past it’s expiration in my fridge. In my defense, it was in the back, hidden behind several bottles of beer. I had to drink the beer before the cream cheese entered my sight. And that took a month.
Expired Philly

It’s good to be back playing SPF. Did you play?

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