September 26, 2006


Is Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom the happiest place on earth? Matte and I sure think so!

Those of you who read Four Feet More, my friend Jenni’s blog, may know that she and her family are also here at Disney World. I was so happy to learn they’d be here at the same time as we are because I told Jenni long ago that I wanted to witness Vika and Eamon’s first trip to Disneyland. But Disney World is even better! We had plans to meet up with them near Cinderella’s castle around 5 p.m. Since both Matte and Jenni’s husband Jeff are photogs, the plan was to have a little photo shoot at the Rose Garden, with the famous princess’ humble abode as our backdrop. Jeff would take shots of Matte and me, and Matte would take shots of Jenni, Jeff, Vika, and Eamon.

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