September 7, 2006

Jag in the Box


Seen in the Chili’s parking lot today at lunch. My friend Krissy called it a Jackuar, which cracked me up, as Krissy is wont to do. But I believe the correct pronunciation requires a pseudo English accent, and enunciation of the ‘u’. Like this:


That reminds me…today I spoke with a Brit on the phone and he sounded so polite and educated. This gentleman used words and phrases like brilliant, good stuff, and jolly good, and to me, it sounded just splendid. When I use the word brilliant, it’s usually to describe someone or something far from the true definition, like an idiot driver who just cut me off on the freeway in his lifted-up, stupid-ass truck that my car could drive underneath without scratching its roof and do you purposely try to look stupid? Because if so, brilliant!