July 17, 2006

Jasper update

The vet and I haven’t been able to connect. But he did leave a message on Saturday. He doesn’t usually leave test results in a message, but because we’d been playing phone tag for so long, he thought it best to leave the news on my voice mail.

The news is…there’s not really any news.

Usually, with a fine needle aspirate, the results show cancer or no cancer. But Jasper’s results were not 100% in either direction. The official result is that the cells are “highly suspicious for cancer.” So, we still don’t know.

In his message, the doctor offered the option to do a biopsy on Jasper’s mass to find out more. But that involves being put under anesthetic, and I don’t want to put him under for that (with a heart murmur, there is added risk).

Since I’ve decided to let Jasper live his happy life with no invasive medical treatment, I am able to enjoy his company without bawling my eyes out. He’s returned to his normal pampered state, sans cat hospital visits. Now, my only plan for him is to beef him up. I’m going to a Giants game tomorrow night so maybe Mr. Bonds will share some of his juice with the little man. Can’t hurt to ask. But seriously, I’m going to ask the vet about maybe feeding Jasper kitten food, or go the raw food route, like Mere is doing for her kitties. Lower litter box output would be an added bonus.

Thank you all for your kind words and support, once again. Sorry for the lack of update, but if anything earth-shattering arises, I will post it here. And if he gains a pound, you’ll be the first to know. 🙂