June 29, 2006

Random and Odd: Shaun Style

This week, Kristine‘s fiance Shaun took over assigning our SPF, while his soon-to-be better half spent some time preparing for their wedding. Originally, he requested a photo of the front and back of our charge card with the most available credit. Funny, Shaun. You’re funny.

1. Something with a story behind it.
This is me, taking pole dancing lessons at Rachel’s bachelorette party. If you told me three years ago that I’d be doing this, I would have sent you to narcotics anonymous because clearly you would have been smoking crack. Not that I was a pole-a-phobe, but back then Rachel and I were as far from being friends as two people could be. From tragic and heart-breaking circumstances, we formed a close friendship. And both of us still think it’s weird.

2. A Random and Odd photo.
I took this in New York, on the street where Sex and the City filmed Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop outside her apartment. Yeah, yeah, I went on the Sex and the City tour. Shut up. I’m a TV junkie and pop culture freak, so how could I help myself? I think this photo is odd because obviously it is meant to keep dogs from ruining this little garden, but dogs can’t read, duh. Except maybe Eddie, from Frasier. I’ll bet he could read. RIP, little dude.
No pee zone

3. In keeping with the recurring wedding theme, a photo of something borrowed.
Recently while Luce was on tour in Philadelphia, their van, trailer, instruments and gear were stolen from their hotel parking lot. This forced the band to cancel some of their dates and suffer great financial hardship. Money can buy another guitar, but it’s not going to replace the one your wife gave you. Dylan, the band’s guitarist received a call from a friend who had heard about the robbery. He offered to send Dylan his Telecaster, asking him to take it around the country on tour and play the sh!t out of it. Dylan asked me to take a picture of him with the guitar so he could send it to his friend and during the show, I captured the “something borrowed” in action.
Dylan Brock from Luce

So, did you accept Shaun’s challenge? Didja play? Didja?