June 20, 2006


I’m watching an episode of The Colbert Report on TiVo, and they just aired an ad for…


Yes, ladies. It’s true. It’s payback time. Woohoo! Choose from The Big Easy, Heatstroke, and Dude, Where’s My Pants?* (Nice grammar on that last title, guys.) Hurry, get to guise gone w!ld daht com (I’m so not linking to that) and order your very own copy, each for just $19.99!

THUD (I just imagined it on the 65-inch screen.)

*In Spanish, that’s El Grande Facil, Insolación, and Hombre, Donde Estan Mis Pantalones**, but really, do you care about audio for this type of thing?

**OK, so maybe it isn’t gramatically Spanishly correct, but I really just wanted to say “Hombre, donde estan mis pantalones?”

What if the world is your oyster, but you hate oysters?

I’m off this week. I never have to go back to my (old) job. I am free. For seven whole days. I start a new job on Monday, but this week is ALL MINE. When I was finishing up my last days at Panasonic, I would sit at my desk, with so little to do, fretting about how much I could be doing, if only I were at home. Now, I can’t remember what those things were.

We’re still moving in. Yes, since Memorial Day. It’s only a two-bedroom apartment, but we keep finding things to unpack. Just yesterday I unearthed my car registration renewal. Yeah, I’m not such an organized packer.

Over the weekend, Matte emptied out several of his boxes and shelved all of his books, CDs, DVDs, and yes, action figures. During a short bit of boredom yesterday, I considered having an action figure tea party, but the monsters just would look silly with my tiny tea set. OK, maybe I did make them speak in high-pitched Barbiesque voices to one another for a little while. But when they started talking smack to my Jiminy Cricket figurine, it started getting ugly. Don’t mess with The Cricket.

Yesterday, while Matte was at work, I was very productive around here. I donated boxes and boxes of books. The lava lamp and old DVD player too. I organized the garage a bit, and emptied out some boxes hiding in there. I took my car for a much needed bath, and cleaned out everywhere possible. The trunk, the glovebox, the console between the seats. And whoa! I found my old cellphone my mom’s been asking me to give her for months.

I parked the car in the garage. Finally!

I mopped the floors. The kitchen needed it after a messy photoshoot for my photography class.

I vacuumed.

I stuffed more boxes into the storage closet.

I watched Days of Our Lives. Did you know Steve and Kayla are back? Except Steve doesn’t know he’s Steve because of course he has amnesia. Oh, and Kayla thinks he’s still dead. Considering Steve came back from the dead, amnesia should be easy to overcome and they will soon be reunited. But will Jack arrive at Jen and Frankie’s wedding before the “I do’s”?

Today I’m going to San Francisco to get the last of my supplies for my photography portfolio, the final project in my class. I’m very anal obsessive passionate about doing a fabulous job and I want to get an ‘A.’ Considering the money I put into it and the mess I made of the kitchen for that particular photo, I think I deserve it, don’t you? I’ll post the shots to Flickr once I’ve submitted them for class so you can provide me the necessary validation.