April 26, 2006

Cat scratch fever

I am getting a new couch soon. The hand-me-down I have (black with white pin stripes) is over 20 years old, and looks like it was stolen from the set of Miami Vice. It’s time, don’t you think?

The problem with getting a nice new couch is the cats. My cats are adorably cute, but they are holy terrors who wreak havoc on my couch. Even though they have a perfectly nice three-hundred-and-something-dollar cat tree, they prefer to use the plush furniture to sharpen their claws.

I have tried the double-sided tape. It only feeds Diva Daphne’s addiction for adhesive substances, and she licks and pulls the stuff off the couch leg until it becomes a big ball of stickiness that she bats around.

I taped tinfoil to the couch after hearing that cats are supposed to hate the feeling of foil. But apparently Daphne is not really a cat, because she loves it. She pulls it off and once again, forms a ball, suitable for smacking and carrying around the house. The foil does serve as a nice accessory for when we play fetch. But I digress.

The feline furniture destroyers work as a team. Daphne pulls off the deterrent of the month, and Jasper gets medieval on the innocent sofa. But I have caught Daphne trying to razorize her stubby clipped claws at the side of the sofa too.

My cats will be allowed on this new couch, because I have a lap, and they both believe it belongs to them. I just want to spare my new couch the wrath of their claws. So I’m soliciting my readers for suggestions.

Have you had any luck with Soft Claws? Aside from de-clawing (not an option), do you have other any tried-and-true remedies for keeping my new couch in its original unshredded state?