April 19, 2006

People love stupid movies

“What new evidence?” you ask?

I just tried to add The Scorned to my Netflix queue, and it is listed as very long wait. Damn my guilty pleasures!

Running around in circles

Yesterday my co-worker was telling me how much he wants to do another bike race, after completing the Sea Otter Classic. Ah, races. I remember those. But I prefer the running variety. Such a sense of accomplishment. The joy. The camaraderie among peers. The last race I did was in Central Park last August, before the arthritis. It was like a dream, being able to run in such a gorgeous venue, where so many runners had come before me. I can’t describe how incredible that run was for me.

Mother Nature has smiled upon Northern California of late. The weather yesterday was fabulous. I had to take advantage of it. It would be rude and sacrilegious to just go home, make dinner, and catch up on TiVo when the day offered such amazing opportunity to get high.

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