April 14, 2006

6 Oddities

ACK! I’ve been tagged to do the “Six Things” meme. Thanks ever so, weakervessel.

I give you Six Weird Things About Me:

  1. I sucked my thumb until the ripe old age of 10. But after age 5 or so, the thumb usually wound up in my mouth while I slept. It became an involuntary thing. “What got you to quit, Catheroo?” Slumber parties. I would have been mortified had one of my early-rising friends seen me in my thumb-sucking glory. I started putting a Band-Aid on my thumb if I was going to spend the night at a friend’s. The non thumb-like taste and texture of the adhesive bandage was disgusting and I’d immediately pull my thumb out of my mouth on contact. The trick worked at home too, so eventually I quit my embarrassing habit.
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Assistance, please

Good Lord. I cannot get Bad Day by Daniel Powter out of my head.

Please leave a comment with a lyric, or the name of a song or something anything to help me overcome this obnoxiosity. (I think I just made up a new word.)

Public Service Announcement

My friend Steph’s sister Danielle is participating in the Arthritis Walk in May. Her goal is to raise $300 but she’s only a little over half-way there. I thought I’d put the feelers out to all you Catheroominators and see if anyone is interested in helping her meet her goal and aid the Arthritis Foundation.

As I’ve mentioned, I was diagnosed with the psoriatic variety (AKA sorryass arthritis) late last year. I will be thrilled if/when some brilliant researcher finds a cure for arthritis.

If you’d like to donate and help Danielle contribute some major bucks to the Foundation, leave a comment and I’ll send you the link. You choose the donation amount and can donate in honor of someone if you’d like.

Thank you for your consideration. We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.