January 19, 2006

iPod, therefore iAm

I stole this from cindy-lou.

open itunes, your ipod, or windows media player to answer the following. go to your library. answer, no matter how embarrassing it is.

how many songs? 4055

sort by artist
first: ‘n sync, bye bye bye
last: zztop, tush

sort by song title
first: …on the radio by nelly furtado
last: zoo station by u2

sort by album
first album: 9 1/2 weeks soundtrack by various artists
last album: zenyatta mondatta by the police

first song that comes up on shuffle: ymca by the village people

how many songs come up when you search for “sex”? 21

how many songs come up when you search for “death”? 1

how many songs come up when you search for “love”? 363



last night, the boy and I settled in to watch lost. we were “dvr’ing” it on the replacement box that the boy picked up after the last fiasco with 24 two nights earlier. the new and improved (bull5h!t) box was set to record both episodes of the best show on tv, and since we like to skip commercials, we tuned in to the psalm 23 rerun about 20 minutes after it started. the smoke monster in high definition, on a screen bigger than I, was much more intense and cooler than on my basic-quality recording from last week. and ladies, mr. eko looks even better in hd. just an fyi.

after watching the repeated episode, we fast-forwarded the dvr to skip more commercials and get to the 9 p.m. new episode.

then it happened.


yes, I’m serious.

just like the other box did on monday, this new box crashed. and just like with the other box, it happened 15 minutes into the second hour’s show. and as we were lagging behind a bit to avoid commericals, when the dvr crashed, it flipped over to live tv, which was about 15 minutes ahead. so those minutes of lost were…well…lost. (if you have ever watched lost, you know how important it is to see the entire episode.) once again it was tivo to the rescue. sure, it was on a small, non-hd screen, but tivo dvrs actually do the r part. weird that a digital video recorder would actually record.

that would be a neat trick for comcast to learn, I think.

actually, comcast dvrs are great. as long as you have tivo too.