October 21, 2005

moses supposes his toeses are roses

once upon a time, my feet looked like this:

nothing too spectacular, but not gross either.

now, because of psoriatic arthritis, my feet look more like the hobbit’s. it’s not pretty. but I did just save a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico.

here are 10 things that suck about having psoriatic (krissy calls it sorry-ass) arthritis
1. no additional income hookin’ because I can’t wear stilettos
2. no bootcamp
3. no foot massages because OW!
4. I’m tired
5. I’m irritable
6. heinous-looking feet
7. no alcohol because mixed with the medication, I could die or something
8. no footsie
9. no pirouettes in my ballet shoes
10. missing my 1/2 marathon and tiffany finisher’s necklace

10 things that don’t suck about having psoriatic arthritis
1. whining
2. wimpering
3. moaning
4. saving money on pedicures
5. getting waited on
6. getting dropped off at the front door
7. get to walk around in my socks at work
8. don’t have to take out the garbage or recycling
9. people give up their chairs for me
10. can say “my balls hurt”


fresca now comes in 20-oz. bottles!
yeah, so I’m easily excited. so what?

part II of havoc-wreaking gremlins

bah! the gremlins have now entered my brain.

first, some background. every morning, as I eat my breakfast and procrastinate getting ready, I watch the today show on nbc. I even TiVo it because I don’t want to miss anything important going on in the world.

so the other day, while watching it, I saw this (note the time on the bose on top of the tv and the clock in the right bottom corner of the tv):

strange that katie and john leguizamo both have their eyes closed at that moment. must have been the flash.

anyway, the first thing I did was check my watch to make sure my bose clock was right. it was. so then I thought, “hmm…nbc’s clock is behind 20 minutes. weird.” kntv also took a station break at a non-half hour time.

just like scooby doo and the gang, I had to get to the bottom of this mystery. I took this picture so I could show the man and ask him to find out what was up with kntv. he has friends who work there, you see.

so when I sent him the photo, he asked if I was sure my bose clock was right, to double-check that the snafu was real before asking his friend at the station. I assured him that it was, thinking “what, does he think I’m a moron?”

last night I showed him the TiVo reording to prove my point. when I started the recording, it started at 7 am, and nbc’s clock said 7 am. we forwarded 15 minutes, and nbc’s clock said 7:15. this went on throughout the show. TiVo’s time, and nbc’s time were synched.

at almost the same time, matte and I solved the “mystery.” apparently, I had paused the TiVo recording that morning, or rewound it or something, so what was on the tv was behind 20 minutes.

who’s the box of hair now?