October 19, 2005

gremlins have taken over my blog

no, not this kind

nor this kind

but this kind

anyway, my mom just called to comment on my “ode to mom’s bag lunches” post and let me know that there was a typo in it.


number one, I am a technical writer…no, a senior technical writer, and therefore my posts never have typos or misspellings (except when they do).
number two, I am a virgo, and the idea that my blog has a typo in it makes me throw up a little in my mouth.
number three, and most disturbing, is that the very word that is misspelled is the same word I misspelled in my elementary school spelling bee. c-h-o-i-s-e.

I need to call phoebe cates and zach galligan right away.

10 vintage rem songs


my beloved ipod has 89 rem songs on it, and these 10 are making my heart go pitter-patter for michael stipe today.

king of birds
world leader pretend
you are the everything
begin the begin
perfect circle
I believe

are you makin’ fun of me, rizz?

I can’t help it, I like the songs I picked today. I know, I know. milli vanilli? spice girls?

chastise me, berate me, whatever. I deserve it.

my old kentucky home

if I still lived in kentucky, I could play powerball.
now I can’t win 340 million dollars.