October 4, 2005


how bad would it suck to open your personal yahoo! page and see yourself in a picture that goes with this story? did they have to ask her permission? and if so, did they tell her for what the photo was intended?

let me tell you, it sucks wax fruit, and they did not ask my permission, and they never said what the picture was for. emmer effers.

les amis invisibles

if wallace & gromit were around when I was little, I think gromit would be my invisible friend.
but they weren’t around then, so my invisible friend was pinocchio.that poor little puppet made of pine. whenever I got into trouble (which was almost never, of course), I would blame pinocchio. my mom would say, “who left these toys out”? and I’d tell her, “pinocchio did!” and then I’d cross my eyes to look at my nose, making sure it wasn’t growing. also, I didn’t like just any pinocchio. it had to be disney’s version. I also preferred him in wood, not as a real boy (figure that one out, freud). when my mom took me to see the movie when I was just 2 years old, none of it scared me, not even monstro the whale. I loved it so much that I made her sit through it a second time. it was during the second screening that I pretended to grab pinoke out of the screen and plop him into the chair next to me, so he could always be with me forever and ever.

thirty years later, I finally got to meet my invisible friend, in the flesh…er in the plastic. in this picture, he’s all embarrassed because I just told him that the whole “lie and your nose grows” is a crock.