September 29, 2005

why did I never know this?

tivo has an instant replay button! duh.

the IRS is as useful as…

…those signs at mcdonalds, printed in large type that say “braille menus available.”

and how come the guy who took my call is named Mr. Poor?

reason #68 why I love arrested development

michael and his father george are discussing george’s involvement with iraq.

michael: they’ve got a picture of you with sadaam hussein!
(cut to photo of george shaking sadaam’s hand, dated 1998. in the photo, sadaam is wearing an apron that says “you take it the way I make it”.)

george: I thought that was the guy who played the soup nazi. I told him how much I like his work…a picture like that, michael could end your career.

michael: not in every case.
(cut to photo of donald rumsfeld, shaking sadaam’s hand, dated 1983.)